Cervantes Primary School


School Times

Session 1    9.05 - 10.45

Recess        10.45 - 11.05

Session 2    11.05 - 12.45

Lunch           12.45 - 1.25

Session 3    1.25 - 3.20

We request children are not at school before 8.40am to ensure there is adequate supervision.

Students are to remain on school grounds during these times unless escorted by a  teacher or collected by a parent.

Kindergarten and Pre Primary students are to be collected by an adult each day at 3.20pm

Staffing 2015

Principal             Natalie Dennis

K/PP/Yr 1            Miss Kym Ryan
Yr 2-3                  Mrs Carly Radford and Mrs Melinda Nelson
Yr 4-6                  Miss Jessica Asby
DOTT                   Mrs Megan Knowles, Mr Kenichi Mori, Miss Jessica Briggs and Mrs Natalie Dennis

Supported by:
Education Assistants              Lesley Boshammer, Vicki Miller, Natasha Birch, Sharron Henke,
Registrar                                    Lyn Newton
School Officers                        Jennie Briotti and Stella MacKay
Librarian                                    Lesley Boshammer
School Psychologist               Stephanie Holmes
School Chaplain                       Audrey Crompton
                                     Jo-Anne Wyatt
Gardener                                   Greg Neal

School Uniform

Black shorts or skirt with gold top. Long sleeve shirt, windcheater and school jacket are available as part of the uniform.  Uniforms are available from the school and an order will take place in Term 2.

We have a “No hat no play” policy, so children are required to wear a hat  when outside.  A school hat is supplied to each child on their enrolment—donated by the P & C. It is also advisable for students to wear joggers each day as they are involved in numerous physical activities.

School Contributions

School Contributions & Charges are due at the beginning of the year. For 2016 it is set at $60 Contributions and $10.00 for Charges.

Our P&C has an insurance policy to cover all children for accidents and a fee, $9.00 is payable to the P&C, is due at the beginning of each year.

Staying Informed

At Cervantes we believe that parents are vital partners in the education of their children and there are regular opportunities for families to be informed about the school, it's activities and students' learning.

Please click on Class Information links to see a copy of the document.

P&C Information

For 2016 P&C has decided to support the school with their Nature Playground Concept. 


Along with our annual donation of $2,000 which goes towards the computer lease costs and library resources to benefit all students, we will also be donating $1,000 towards the Senior School Camp. 


Last year we had a very successful year in achieving our target of the undercover area from the school to the library.


We look forward to having a proactive group at P&C, so come and have your say and help us improve the resources at the school for our children.  We only meet twice a term after assembly.  Our 2016 committee is:

President:                       Susan Johnson

Vice President:              Vacant

Secretary:                       Sharron Henke

Treasurer:                       Stella MacKay


Committee Members:     Jennie Briotti, Melinda Borwick, Joanne Wyatt, Jess Turbett and Tracey Walker

School Details

26 Iberia Street

Cervantes WA 6511

Tel: 08 96527024

Fax: 08 96527 268

Email: cervantes.ps@education.wa.edu.au

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